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A mobile platform which updates you real time with information on the electricity supply status (On/Off) and duration of any area, community or campus.

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The Problem

The Problem

– The Inability to remotely tell the exact power supply status of a location at any given time.

– No electricity supply duration records or map in Nigeria.

– Difficulty in finding the right location to start a business or factory that depends on public electricity supply

Upnepa Automatic Mode

Upnepa Automatic Mode

Monitor any location of interet with an Upnepa Bulb Indicator.

Buld Indicator turns yellow whenever electricity is restored (light On) and turn white when electricity is disrupted (light Off).

Tap on a Bulb Indicator to check when last electricity was seen, when last electricity was restored and when next it would be restored

Electricity Supply History

Electricity Supply History

Check electricity duration of a community covered by Upnepa Nigeria.

Know the amount of hours electricity was provided and amount of hours electricty was withheld from any area, community or campus covered by us

Do you wish to add your Area, Community or Campus to The Upnepa Automatic Coverage?

Upnepa Alternative Mode

This is a alternative method of detecting the electricity status in a location through the use of an automated crowd sourcing (By counting the number of devices utilizing electricity at a particular moment).

The upnepa App has been built to automatically detect when a user utilizes electricity

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Charging Detection

Charging Detection

During general black out, use The Upnepa Alternative mode to search for friends currently using alternative power source, chat them up to share their power source!.

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