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Input the name of your location of interest into the upnepa search dialogue box and click on the search action button.
Check Electricity Status

After search is completed, select your location among the list of areas displayed on the search result page.
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Keep your friends informed, click on the share button to tell your a friend about the current status of electricity in your area.

Awesome Features

Real-Time Information

With our real-time monitoring system, we provide you with the current state of electricity supply at your home, local community, campus, business or organization.

Now you can make firm decisions on;
- When best to go home
- When to start or schedule tasks that depends on power supply
- The nearest community where you can have access to electricity.

Electricity Time-Line

With our robust database, we take record of the total amount of hours electricity is supplied to a community and the total amount of hours it is not supplied.
(total hours of light and darkness)

With our electricity history page;
Students can now make clear decision on where best to rent an apartment off-campus.
Households who suffer from insufficient power supply can now make complaint with a clear proof on how many hours their community is served monthly.
Business owner can now make quality decisions on where best to start their business, build their new factors or rent workspaces.
Power distribution companies and star-ups can know where best to find potential customers

Electric Supply Prediction

With our advanced algorithms, we give estimated time ranges on when electric power would be restored or disrupted in your local community or campus

With near accurate predictions all Nigerians who depends more on grid supply can now make smart daily activity plans knowing when best to start or schedule a future activity that require power supply and when best to execute activities that does not require power supply.

Why Upnepa Nigeria?

The unstable nature and inadequacy of electricity in Nigeria hinders the productivity and aspirations of young people and businesses, as well as their profitability. Most Nigerian students in higher learning institutions depend on power supply (either from the national Grid or private source) for important daily activities. Hence, they are always anticipating electricity supply, and if necessary, always on the lookout for the nearest location where electricity is available. . .Read More


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