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The unstable nature and inadequacy of electricity in Nigeria hinders the productivity and aspirations of young people and businesses, as well as their profitability. Most Nigerian students in higher learning institutions depend on power supply (either from the national Grid or private source) for important daily activities. Hence, they are always anticipating electricity supply, and if necessary, always on the lookout for the nearest location where electricity is available.

From our survey carried out on in September 2017, ahead of our pre-launch at The Federal University of Technology Akure, Ondo State, we observed that 70% of action-based decisions made by such students are affected by current and anticipated status of power supply at, or close to, their location. These include cooking, laundering, reading, mobility, entertainment (playing games and seeing movies indoors), online communication, and even bedtime. Interestingly, considerations for outdoor mobility and power supply maximization involves questions on which friend to visit and at what time, as well as, whether or not to go out with mobile phone chargers and power banks. Bedtime at nights with power supply are delayed due to chances of continuous supply by the following morning are not certain.

On the other hand, in order to save extra operational cost and maximize profit, many Nigerian businesses depend on power supply from the unstable national grid while also utilizing alternative sources of power supply (electric generators with fuel systems, solar energy systems, and power inverters) during power outage. This category of businesses seek areas with better daily power supply rates, from time to time, mainly for expansion or relocation purposes with a view to avoid disruption of business operations. Another category of businesses exist. These are the ones offering and implementing power solutions and applications across various levels of energy demand. The real challenge for this category is gaining concrete insight on the nature of power stability in different areas - a criterion for market penetration. Hence, promising target locations for these businesses will be areas with poor daily power supply rates with reasonable purchasing power. Interestingly, governmental institutions focusing on energy access in Nigeria fall into this second category. This insight is needed to make better decisions that would grow clientele and increase profitability.

At Upnepa.ng, our mission is to monitor, aggregate, and analyse power supply, power outages and power distribution in order to improve productivity in young people and students, provide power supply rates insight for SMEs, and foresights for governmental institutions, energy distribution companies and energy solution projects.
We believe that with our data, information and forecast on the electricity status at homes, universities, communities, and cities, people and authorities will be able to plan better and make sustainable decisions, save cost on research and development, as well as have higher productivity.
Upnepa.ng just got started, watch this space and join us!

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