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Upnepa Smart Device
Upnepa Smart Device

The Upnepa smart device is proudly made in Nigeria.
It is a carefully designed smart device made to Monitor the current state of electricity supply (On/Off) in your community.
It notifies you when electricity is restored or disrupted.
It records the total duration (in hours) for which electricity is supplied to your area or community.
It records the total duration (in hours) for which electricity is with-held from your area or community.
The upnepa smart device was built with the aim of providing real-time and historical information of power supply and interruption within local areas and communities.

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How it works

- Get an Upnepa Device for your area
- Install in a safe place within your area, community or campus (e.g town hall, prominent business building or complex, etc)
- Turn On the device and plug into a source where only public power supply is accessed
- Activate upnepa smart device by providing the device ID and your area/community name.
- Use mobile application/ website to monitor and get a real-time notification.

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